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The Comic


Deviant is an original science fiction webcomic –
set in a universe where space is not made of empty space
– but an endless ocean surrounding a dying star.

Deviant: Secret of the Drowned Universe

(Updates Wednesdays)

In this ocean a single planet – Sanctum – evolved life able to survive the deadly universe. The few beams of light that reach the planet violently scorch the surface, eradicating anything caught in their blast.

Deep under the surface of the planet, large vines began to grow thick enough that their husks could withstand the star’s destroying light. Eons later, the vines stretched miles high, covering mountains and creating space for new life to crawl out of the crust, protected in the shade provided by the indestructible Vinefields. One of these species called themselves The Bound, who wandered the Vinefields for most of their existence in caravans, until new technological advances gave them the ability to communicate across long distance via an organic network spread on the surface floor.

Instant communication lead to advancement in everything from medicine to the ability to create organic tools, machines, flying crafts and workers. After colonizing most the livable surface of the planet, the Bound looked toward the sky – and the one thing their race had always feared – the killing light from above. This desire for space travel lead to the first war on their planet. Despite being the first war – the short, destructive conflict became known as “The Last War” – and splintered the Bound into three new nations: the green-skinned True Bound, the tan-skinned Nomads and the blue-skinned Deviants (sometimes referred to informally as “Greens,” “Tans,” and “Blues”).

Half-a-generation later, relations between the three nations have improved and they find themselves exploring the Universe, each in their own way. The Southern Deviant Fleet scattered space stations across the Universe with a fleet of small transport crafts to supply them. The North followed with it’s own mass of stations in orbit and large crafts made for traveling inside the waves of the Universe itself.

Frident’s’ Notes 

(No set update schedule)

Frident’s Notes takes place a generation before the events of Secret of the Drowned Universe. Starting a short time before the first successful launch into space, this story is told from the perspective of a newly developed camera drone designed by a young Frident.

The story gives a first-hand view of the technology, culture, and people of Sanctum before, during and after the events of “The Last War.”


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