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The Characters

Site Icon v1 Kiani, Robio Pilot:

Born to a Green mother and a Blue father, Kiani is one of the few mixed-race offspring of the two most distant nations of the Bound species. Kiani took after her father and became a pilot, soon even being selected as a replacement Robio pilot to the Robio-20 and it’s Shipbrain, Nav.

Kiani is one of the youngest pilots in the southern fleet but has shown a natural talent for deep space travel.

Nav, Shipbrain of the Robio-20 craft:

Nav is the oldest living Robio Craft, the rest either lost or dead. Starting its career as a deep-space scout craft, Nav now works as a cargo craft supplying Relays throughout the Twisted Veins. After Nav’s pilot died of natural causes, Nav selected the young crossbreed Kiani to be his pilot.

Speaker Kane, Northport Labs Administrator:

Anything launched into orbit from the North comes through Northport Labs. Kane started construction of Northport secretly during the isolation, using information gathered by the pirate network signal broadcasted by Specialist Frident.

The Architect:

The Architect earned her status working as the assistant to the Engineer who invented the process to turn Blue Cells transparent. She then used this new technology to build Skylight Labs. Skylight Labs was not only the first building of it’s size with windows, but also the frist to prove their strength by enduring direct blasts from Daybreak.

Borealis Marshall Borealis:

Unlike most of his status, Borealis didn’t work his entire life to earn respect, instead he acquired it in a single act of heroism when he took control of a navy craft against threat of death, and piloted it to a floating colony under attack by a large Levi Squid, killing the beast and saving the colony.

The colony known as the Spires would have been completely wiped out if not for Borealis. The inhabitants of the Spires bestowed onto him a personal skip-craft and Specialist rank.

Since this event, Borealis has used his title as a voice of the people. Using his rank to obtain information for the public.

Specialist Frident:

Born in the Passage that divides the Northern Vinefields with the Nomadlands, he started his engineering career at Skylight Labs and accompanied the Architect of Skylight Labs to negotiate construction rights in the North just a season before “The Last War.”

During his career, Specialist Frident has earned many titles including “The Wire to the North” and – after being the first Bound ever to break open a vines husk – “The Husk Cracker.”.

When the Isolation ended, Frident stopped his broadcast and has not been heard from since.


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